Friday, October 24, 2008


I took my daughter and her family to Wal-Mart to buy Halloween costumes and to Hair Crafters so my grandson could get a hair cut. We all had fun picking out the costumes, my grandson said, he wanted to be spiderman and my granddaugther was a pumpkin. We are had fun that night

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is my Uncle Juan and his family. He pasted away one year ago. He is missed by his family very much. He was on the City Council for over 12 years, member of the Woodman of the World, and the Knight of Columbus. My Uncle was 62 years old, when he passed away. In the photos is my Aunt Nora, Gabriel, Juan jr. and Juan Sr.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is my cousin Gabe Garcia (middle) who was on "NASHVILLE STAR", along with my daughter(left) and my sister(right). This is at a BBQ we had, when Gabriel came home for a short visit. The City of Lytle had a parade for him, and then there was a concert at the Lytle City Park. Gabe is doing really well. He will be in San Antonio, this Friday, Oct. 24 and then in Fort Worth on Nov. 1. After the tour, he will be coming home and he will be performing at Ric's in Devine. We are all very proud of him. If my Uncle Juan(Gabriel dad) was alive, he would be very proud of his son.

My Grandson

My grandson Preston, says the funniest things........He told me, that he need a cap. I asked him, why do you need a cap for, he said that he was going to work at the Crusty Crab, to make crabby patties. lol ......I told him, who do you make the crabby patties for, he said, for the customers. lol

This is my first time blogging. So, I will try to blog everyday. It seems like fun, my friend Barbara, blogs and I have read some of her blogs. She is a very good writer and has very interesting and funny things happen in her life.