Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Grandson

My grandson Preston, says the funniest things........He told me, that he need a cap. I asked him, why do you need a cap for, he said that he was going to work at the Crusty Crab, to make crabby patties. lol ......I told him, who do you make the crabby patties for, he said, for the customers. lol

This is my first time blogging. So, I will try to blog everyday. It seems like fun, my friend Barbara, blogs and I have read some of her blogs. She is a very good writer and has very interesting and funny things happen in her life.

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  1. Hi Ann! So excited to see you are blogging...Watch out it can be contagious! You will meet alot of cool people. I love all my jland friends and new people I have met here. Welcome aboard and have fun!!!! xoxBarb